2020 Dawn Drophead Coupé



Experience a Rolls-Royce like no other, striking, sensuous, endlessly sociable. Dawn Drophead Coupé delivers open-top driving as you have never experienced it before.

Steeped in prestigious heritage and inspired by the iconic Silver Dawn of the 1950s, it provides the perfect blend of sophistication and true freedom. Infused with a youthful spirit and vivacious energy, this inspiring motor car harnesses an exacting balance of uncompromised luxury and exhilarating sensory experience.

In a single touch, Dawn can transform, ready for expansive vistas and a world of infinite opportunities. Embrace spontaneity. Seize every valuable moment shared with friends. Feel closer to the beauty of the natural world around you.


Alluring and assertive in equal measure, Dawn’s captivating charisma is felt from the very first encounter. The exterior exudes understated class, with a flawless, hand-polished finish giving it a marble-smooth sheen. Sleek, yet edgy contours add to Dawn’s bold look, complete with a tapered ‘wake channel’ on the bonnet, reminiscent of a jet’s vapour trail.

Beneath the hood lies a 6.6 litre V12 twin-turbo engine, offering seemingly infinite reserves of power and exhilarating torque. With such a purposeful presence, Dawn inspires you to lower the roof and feel more connected to your environment. It’s an invigorating sensation.


Strong, yet seductive. With the roof up or down, Dawn is gracefully athletic. The imposing front grille, sweeping shoulder line and slender roof evoke a vision of dynamism. The self-adjusting suspension makes every surface feel as smooth as glass. While sleek side windows create a private, intimate atmosphere – hinting at the welcoming sanctuary within. On the open road or the driveway, Dawn simmers with power and purpose.


Experience the exhilaration of the open road. With one touch, Dawn’s roof folds silently away – leaving you open to the elements for the most exhilarating drive. As the hood glides back, it reveals a striking deck, finished with handcrafted wood veneer that waterfalls forward to meet the driver. This adds to the feeling of being closer to nature whilst effortlessly cocooned in Dawn’s unparalleled luxury interior.

Dawn is an experience to be shared. A true four-seater, the indulgent cabin is designed to protect passengers from wind, leaving them free to enjoy a heightened sensory experience. Even with the roof stowed away, the boot offers ample space for all that is needed for unplanned parties and last-minute escapes. This is an exceptional space perfectly tailored for unforgettable memories.


With Dawn, the journey becomes a destination in itself. Open the door to unveil an inviting cabin. Sumptuous banks of Natural Grain leather form a soft, continuous line with the outside, enveloping four individual seats to create an elegant, inspiring haven. Savor the tranquility of Dawn’s interior, where pure comfort is paired with a sense of true freedom.

Experience the sensory pleasure of the finest, bespoke craftsmanship. Hand-cut wood veneer infuses the interior with energy – add natural variation with your choice of contemporary open grain Canadel Paneling or classic burr finishes. Opt for contrast stitching and Rolls-Royce monograms on the headrests, or truly make Dawn your own, with personalized piping and hand-stitched embroidery. Dawn also offers a full-length central console featuring individual climate controls and personal storage space. The utmost comfort is assured from your journey’s beginning to its end.


Let nothing stand in the way of an exhilarating drive. Dawn is equipped with advanced driver assistance features, which ensures a smooth, safe ride from day to night. Active Cruise Control uses a radar sensor to scan the road ahead for vehicles, adjusting the cruising speed accordingly. In lower light, Adaptive Headlights adjust to the ever-changing road conditions, while a grille-mounted infrared night vision camera detects potential hazards up to 300 meters ahead.

Throughout your journey, the intuitive Head Up Display provides key information such as current speed, directions, speed limits and lane departure warnings at a glance. These intelligent technologies give you the time and freedom to explore the road ahead.

You have unprecedented control inside the car too. The Spirit of Ecstasy controller lets you manage everything from your journey planner to your address book, with just a swipe of your finger


Always poised and ready to go, Dawn awaits your next adventure. With the unmatched convenience of our Comfort Entry System, Dawn senses the key in your pocket – unlocking at the touch of the handle. You can store preferences such as your preferred steering wheel position on the key, ensuring that you are ready to embark on your journey the moment you open the door.

As you glide along, revel in the unrivaled quality of Dawn’s Bespoke Audio System – expertly tuned to offer a pure, rich sound. With eighteen speakers that automatically adjust to overcome exterior noise, this superior Hi-Fi provides the soundtrack for memorable journeys.


As day gives way to night, a new icon emerges.

This is the time to reveal a daring dimension for this renowned marque. Elusive to all but the exceptionally bold. Unflinching in its aesthetic. Unrelenting in its power.

The world transforms and a contemporary incarnation of a classic icon ascends.

This is a new era. The rising of Dawn Black Badge.


Ever connected to its environment, Dawn Black Badge revels when darkness descends. A flash of light reveals a daring glint of darkened chrome and textured paintwork that takes shades of black to new depths. It is striking and seductive when still. It is lithe and almost liquid in motion.

21” carbon fibre wheels catch the eye. The Spirit of Ecstasy is enveloped in black. By day, the roof glides down with the rising of the sun. As the light fades, powerful LED headlights guide you in to the night.


The interplay of light and dark comes to the fore inside Dawn Black Badge. This is a fluid space. Piano Black veneer encases the interior throughout, the dramatic effect surrounds you with an echo of darkness. Darts of colour come courtesy of Mandarin Orange flashes that only accentuate the darkness further.

Just as technology and craftsmanship has reached new levels, the interiors become an invitation to break boundaries. To push limits. This is not a space of containment, but of endless possibilities.


Primed for adventure, at the core of Dawn Black Badge lies formidable power. Yet this is a motor car that glides across every terrain. It delivers an amplified torque of 840 Nm and attains 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds. At this moment, the sports exhaust emits a deep roar – an echo of the power available and practically impossible to ignore.

With impressive power, comes heightened control. Meticulous suspension and steering refinements bond the driver with the motor car, and the motor car with the road. Performance is perfected. Power is amplified. Dawn Black Badge answers to your every touch, wherever
you dare to drive.


Your Rolls-Royce is the ultimate expression of you. Whatever inspires you – an iconic era, a favourite city, the beauty of nature – our Bespoke team can bring it to life in your car, to reflect your tastes exactly.


With our exclusive Bespoke programme, Dawn becomes a unique expression of your individuality. Make design suggestions to your dealer, or work directly with our Bespoke Team. As expert engineers and craftspeople, they can achieve bold statements and subtle touches – down to the last exquisite detail.

Seize your chance to redefine what is possible. From a dazzling range of exterior hues to sophisticated interiors, the opportunities for personalisation are endless. Choose hand-embroidered headrests, customised treadplates or inlays on the passenger panel. For a final flourish, make your mark with a painstakingly crafted coachline, complete with your own hand-painted monogram.

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