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Rolls-Royce dealership in Charleston, SC

Baker Motor Company was honored to add Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to its lineup in 2014. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Charleston is the only brand dealership in the entire state of South Carolina and serves customers as far as Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

The Charleston based dealership houses one of two Pinnacle Travel Collection Phantoms in the world, in addition to other Wraith, Phantom, and Ghost models. A new state-of-the art showroom is currently underway and will feature a bespoke experience boutique where guests may customize their own vehicle.

Baker Motor Company Dealer Principal, Tommy Baker and the Rolls-Royce executive team created exclusive programs to provide Rolls-Royce Motor Cars customers with ultra-personalized client services including nationwide aftercare, concierge, and delivery services throughout the United States. Each customer will also receive a white glove Charleston experience when buying their vehicle at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Charleston. Mr. Baker said, “We are excited to bring the essence of the Lowcountry to the one-of-a-kind, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars buying experience; beyond white glove service.”

Our line of dealerships has been servicing this community with exclusive luxury vehicles for over 25 years. We excel at bringing you the luxury vehicles that you cannot get anywhere else. We really do enjoy being a part of this community and that is why we have supported many charities and local organizations throughout the years. We believe in giving back whenever we can, and we believe in providing our customers with the absolute best sales experience that we can provide.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Charleston is very proud to be serving Rolls-Royce vehicles to Charleston and the surrounding areas. Rolls-Royce is a very unique brand and they offer a very unique car. The only way for us to do them justice is to make sure that we are always doing everything that we can to improve your Rolls-Royce owning experience. This process starts right from the point of sale. You can look through and drive our selection of Rolls-Royce vehicles and armed with that knowledge we can help you to create one of your very own. Once a Rolls-Royce is yours we are still here to take care of you with our expertly trained service technicians that each have a one of a kind Rolls-Royce experience. We are everything that you need when you need anything Rolls-Royce


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Welcome to our Rolls-Royce dealership in Charleston, SC

Rolls-Royce vehicles are bold, beautiful, powerful, exclusive, luxurious, and dynamic. There are not many places that you can find a Rolls-Royce, but you can find them at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Charleston. They are styled after their owners. You do not typically buy a Rolls-Royce, you commission one. You can work with our professionals to design the Rolls-Royce that is perfect for you in a process that is truly bespoke. Every accent and color can be customized. With over 44,000 exterior colors to choose from you can usually find the hue that is just right for you, but if you can’t, the professionals at Rolls-Royce can even create a reserved color for you ensuring that your Rolls-Royce is the only one like it on the road.

Rolls-Royce vehicles represent a level of opulence and refinement that you cannot find in any other brand. We like to say that a Rolls-Royce is what happens when you let a team of engineers and designers off the leash. They are trying to build the best car in the world, and they do not believe in sacrificing anything. We can even offer you a pre-owned Rolls-Royce from our Provenance line. Provenance is not like your typical certified pre-owned vehicle. Provenance requires a superior level of quality because we believe that, regardless of age, a Rolls-Royce should always provide an exceptional experience.

We're here for whatever you need

We have said it before, but anything this good is worth saying again. We are here for you long after you take possession of your Rolls-Royce. Every new Rolls-Royce comes with 4 years of service, regardless of mileage, that we can take care of for you. The Rolls-Royce that you are driving is a custom built machine that cannot be operated on by your typical service technician. Our service technicians are trained by the same people who built your Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England. There are not many service shops that can claim that, and there are not many service shops that have the staff that it takes to properly work on and maintain your Rolls-Royce.

At Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Charleston, we have access to the high quality Rolls-Royce parts that come directly from Rolls-Royce in Goodwood. Your Rolls-Royce needs the precision engineering that can only come from Rolls-Royce. We can even get access to the custom pieces that went into your Rolls-Royce when it was built so that you do not have to worry about the little things. When it comes to the common replacement parts for your Rolls-Royce, we keep those in stock so that you don’t have to wait around. Just let our service staff install them for you and we can keep your Rolls-Royce running and feeling just like it did when it was new.

Certified Pre-Owned at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Charleston